Project and insurance claim management software
Reduce costs and skyrocket customer satisfaction
insurance claim management software

Increase customer satisfaction

Create a best in class experience that drives customers to renew their insurance policy.

Reduce operational costs

Cut costs by automating up to 80% of manual process, eliminating travel, and improving resource utilisation.

Shorten the claim life-cycle

Bring your customers, suppliers and more into one platform to save up to 2 weeks in turnaround.
Tried and tested on 500,000+ claims

Online Project and Insurance Claim Management Software

What is Crunchwork?

Forget expensive, inefficient insurance claims. Crunchwork is for insurers who want to gain a competitive edge with a fast, customer-centric claims process. 

Crunchwork is a cloud-based project and insurance claim management software that has everything you and your supply chain need to triage, process, and complete compliant claims. In one platform. 

It’s the simpler way to transform your entire claim lifecycle. 

What makes Crunchwork different?

Together, we have over 80 years of experience in the insurance space. Crunchwork was built closely with our clients in the insurance, brokerage, and insurance builder space, so it has everything you need to drive results. 

Unlike typical project platforms or insurance claim management software, Crunchwork has the power and flexibility of robust enterprise software without the confusing interface. Crunchwork can liberate data from your legacy system or integrate with any existing business apps. So you can use your data in new digital experiences. 

Because Crunchwork lives securely in the cloud, you don’t have to waste time and money on tech maintenance overheads. Our unique back-end empowers you to create custom apps, extensions, integrations, and more. Our software fits the way you work best. 

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