Construction Project management software
Reduce costs and automate up to 80% of your day

Stop wasting time and money

Automate up to 80% of your day to drive profits and productivity.

One platform = better projects

Forget jumping between endless programs and people. Connect everything and everyone in one user-friendly hub.

Connect site to the office, seamlessly

Connect to site in real-time with mobile and tablet-friendly tools, secure media streaming, e-signatures, and more.
Tried and tested on 500,000+ jobs

Online Construction Project Management Software

What is Crunchwork?

Forget slow, unsafe, and frustrating construction project management. Crunchwork is for construction teams and project managers who want to stop wasting time and money on outdated processes. 

Crunchwork is a cloud-based construction project management software. It has everything you and your subcontractors need to tender, manage projects, communicate with clients, connect to teams on-site, manage compliance, and more. In one platform. 

You can automate up to 80% of your day and skyrocket productivity. It’s the stress-free way to deliver complex projects on time, and under budget. 

What makes Crunchwork different?

Unlike typical project management platforms, Crunchwork has the power and flexibility of robust enterprise software without the confusing interface. It’s simple to use, and quick to learn. 

While other platforms require you to adapt your business to them, Crunchwork can be configured to however you work best. Our unique workflow engine replaces repetitive tasks with tried and tested automated workflows. So you can reap the benefits instantly. 

Because Crunchwork lives securely in the cloud, you don’t have to waste time and money on tech maintenance overheads. With our mobile field tools and live updates, you can connect the office to the site and complete compliant work on the go. 

Case Study

See how Crunchwork has made an impact for the ABC Group.

Want to see for yourself?

See how Crunchwork can transform the way you manage construction projects with a personalised demo. 

Ready to see Crunchwork in action?

See how you can reduce costs and drive productivity for construction projects with your personalised demo.