Workflow automation software
Automate up to 80% of your day

Get the job done right and done fast

The Workflow Engine powers all of Crunchwork. You can create custom workflows for your data entry, business processes, task creation, customer communications, and more. So you can drive productivity, remove human error, and make the most of your resources.

Get started with our out-of-the-box industry leading workflows, or create your own.

Powerful workflows for high-volume jobs

Visualise workflow paths

Our visual workflow builder makes it easy to create detailed paths and processes.

Easy play & pause

Complete control over your workflows with a simple on/off switch.

Automate daily tasks

Set triggers to automate business processes, customer communcations, data-entry, follow-up tasks, and more.

Create custom automations

Create your own workflows based on any data point or trigger in Crunchwork, without a tech team.

Embrace industry-leading processes

Use our tried and tested out-of-the-box workflows to drive productivity instantly.

User-friendly dashboard

Oversee and track all triggers and workflows. See which workflows have succeeded or failed at a glance.

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Frequently asked questions

Both. Crunchwork has all of the power of a traditional ERP with none of the clunk. Whether you need powerful automations and high-level global security, or you just want something that’s simple and quick to use. That’s Crunchwork.

Absolutely. Our software is trusted by global leaders in the financial services industry. Chat to one of our experts about a private cloud configuration, data sovereignty, or secure sign on tools.  

Probably! And if we don’t have it, we can build it. Get in touch to find out more. 

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