Multi-tenancy software for project management
One platform, individual experiences

Multi-tenancy project management software

Connecting your supply chain in one platform doesn’t have to mean compromising data or a generic configuration.

With a multi-tenancy set up, you can create a unique experience for each stakeholder in Crunchwork. That means that you can share a single source of truth, but limit who can access what, or how each tenant’s version of Crunchwork is configured for their use case.

Customise Crunchwork for each stakeholder

Everyone in one platform

One place to communicate for you, your team, customers, clients, and vendors.

Control access and permissions

Restrict what can and can’t be seen and edited based on tenancy.

Share data

Choose which data flows across which tenancies, for collaborative work.

Custom reports and configuration

Create a unique Cruncnhwork experience for each tenant, based on their project types or interests.

Trigger tasks between tenants

Your supply chain’s actions can trigger workflows and tasks across your ecosystem.

See how mutli-tenancy can work for you

Frequently asked questions

Both. Crunchwork has all of the power of a traditional ERP with none of the clunk. Whether you need powerful automations and high-level global security, or you just want something that’s simple and quick to use. That’s Crunchwork.

Absolutely. Our software is trusted by global leaders in the financial services industry. Chat to one of our experts about a private cloud configuration, data sovereignty, or secure sign on tools.  

Probably! And if we don’t have it, we can build it. Get in touch to find out more. 

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What's the ROI of Crunchwork?

Not sure if it’s worth it? We built an ROI calculator based on real industry insights. See how much time and money you can with Crunchwork.