COMMUNICATION TOOLS for project management
Connect with everyone, from anywhere

Finally, everyone can communicate in one place

Stop navigating endless tools and apps to send a message, assign a task, or check for status updates. Swap frantic misunderstandings for calm collaboration.

You can simplify communication between your clients, customers, team, contractors, and vendors. Align your supply chain to get work done right and done fast.

Communication tools for smoother projects

Everyone in one platform

One place to communicate for you, your team, customers, clients, and vendors.

Send emails

Connect to your email provider to send emails from within Crunchwork.

Make and track phone calls

VoIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocal) technology allows you to make a call directly from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Virtual triage

Use our virtual triage technology to connect to teams or customers on-site. Send photos, stream and record high-defintion media, automate reports, and more.

Real-time communication

Utilise live chat, SMS, comments, and more.

Live notifications

Get real time updates of comments, status changes, and more.

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