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Crunchwork vs. our competitors

Comparing Crunchwork? Hey, we’re not shy. See for yourself how our end-to-end project platform stacks up against industry specific solutions, traditional ERP systems, or manual processes.

Traditional ERP

Industry Solution

Pen and Paper

Customised for your use-case
Project management
Manage subcontractors and trades
Configurable pricing & quotes
Mobile access
No tech overheads
Easy to use
Purpose-built for industry
Field mobility tools
Task management system
GPS tracking
External user or client access
Automated workflows
Single sign on & multi-factor authentication
Resource management
Business management and analytics
Client communication
Intricate configuration
Advanced communication tools
Role-based access controls
Register your own containers and build your own apps
Built on Docker and Kubernetes
Integrates with all systems
Lead capture
API-first platform
Customisable dashboards
Developer tooling (SDKs)
Granular account & zone configuration
Gantt charts
Private cloud deployment
Data sovereignty and compliance
Bring your own API keys
Compatible with any financial software
Create multiple configurations or use cases in the one ecosystem

One platform, better projects

One platform for everything

Finally, everyone can communicate in one place. Connect your team, clients, subcontractors, data, and systems.

Automate up to 80% of your day

Use our industry-leading workflows to eliminate time-consuming tasks. Or, create your own workflows in minutes.

Never miss another deadline

Improve project visibility and processes to ensure you deliver compliant projects on time and in budget.

Drive business growth

Drive revenue and reduce costs with valuable insights on your KPIs, workload, team, and more.

Complete work from anywhere

All tools are mobile and tablet friendly. Complete work from anywhere, with the tap of your thumb.

Simple to use, quick to learn

Backed by Microsoft, our user-first design means you can save time teaching new stakeholders your system.

Ready to try Crunchwork?

Crunchwork has everything you and your supply chain need to power through projects. See how you could save time, money, and more. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Take the complete Product Tour to see all features, or get in touch if you have a specific question around functionality. If you’re after something really bespoke, chat to our team about a custom build. 

Not right now. If you’d like to jump in and give Crunchwork a test drive, contact our team for a personalised demo. 

We have pans to suit all business sizes and budgets. Chat to one of our experts about your goals and they can recommend the solution with the best ROI for you.  

What's the ROI of Crunchwork?

Not sure if it’s worth it? We built an ROI calculator based on real industry insights. See how much time and money you can with Crunchwork.